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Dream Workshop

In the Dream Workshop we dive into the charged images from our dream world to embody the characters that dwell beneath our everyday sense of self. We use vocalization, movement, and keen emotional awareness to remember and embody objects, figures, characters, and landscapes and arrive at unexpected insights. This performance research has developed due to the courage and curiosity of many participants, as well as the support of Elsewhere Studios Artist Residency (Paonia, CO) and Naropa University.

"I lost sense of myself and really felt like I was embodying the image. It felt really good to imagine myself as a brush, or the painting. I think it will help with my painting, too." -Jessie (artist)

"I think it's valuable to practice using our brains in a way that isn't a logical, intellectual way. Putting movements and sounds together in a way that might not have value for anybody else, though it seems to have a lot of value for us. I felt like I was making a poem out of colors, flavors, and feelings. I took the ingredients and tried to make something tasty." -Ben

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