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full cast

Silk Fog Ink Foam

April 2016

Performing Arts Center, Naropa University


The dream worlds of Hamlet, Ophelia, Claudius, and Gertrude collide in this immersive installation that echoes and betrays what we know of Hamlet. The audience is invited to roam around clouds and take in four storylines from a multiplicity of angles as walls shift to re-define space and the play repeats seamlessly on end (three times!). Actors and audience alike are transformed into a dream state where clouds of meaning are perceived as different animals to each person who beholds the pattern.

Writing, Direction, Scenography by Caitlyn Tella

Lighting Design by Shevek Major Peers

Featuring Kris Baker, Joshua Lorris, Nathan Logan, Caitlyn Tella, and Teresa Veramendi

Photos: Scott Strohmeier

Song composed by Yvette Holzwarth

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